Exhibition Cum Sale of Home Decor Frames


Utsav Arts EventUtsav Art's first Exhibition Cum Sale of Home Decor items like Name Plates, Key Holders, Wall Hangings, Photo Frames, Designer Vijay Yantra, Astmangal Frames, Jain Navkar Mantra Frames, Pen Stands, Shubh Chins Frames, Abstract Frames, 14 Swapna Frames and many more was held on 6th & 7th of October, 2012 at Mulund, Mumbai.

Utsav Arts EventThe Exhibition was attended by all age groups right from school going students to retired people. All were impressed with the frame varieties along with quality of work done because of its color combination and finishing. Some placed the order immediately while others gave modified order for frames.

Utsav Arts EventA slideshow of previous order based frames which were not present in this exhibition was represented on television for guests who wished to see more varieties. Also, a feedback form was given to all guests to which many comments, feedback and suggestions came in.

Utsav Arts' Exhibition Feedback

"Very creative and innovative with very nice finishing."

Manisha Shetty

"Very nice, beautiful and creative, very tempting. Keep it up! All the best!"

Ashlesha P. Nayak

"I liked your art. Really this is very very nice. Keep it up! All the items are really beautiful. All the best!"

Anushka A. Gosavi

"Nice creativity and artistic skills. Apart from Navkaar Mantra, you could try something else. Thank You!"

Shashank Shah

"Amazing Work. Great Idea. Keep up the good work. Hope to attend many more of it."

Bhavisha J. Dedhia

"Amazing creativity, out of this world. Clean, neat and perfect. Something really best."

Nidhi Chheda

"Wow! Done with great patience. Excellent ideas."

Hiten Gada

"Its an excellent detailed work. Totally appealing. All the best! Hope to see working together."

Harshal Gala

"Excellent. Beautiful. Please repeat the exhibition quarterly or during festival time. Also attach a price tag on website."

Jayesh H. Shah

"Excellent work and Good efforts. Its come with family support and it shows."

Chetan Dhila

"Very Creative and Exclusive. Great work!!!"

Soham Shah

"Very artistic and excellent work. Kindly make some small frames also."

Chhaya Karani

"Very colorful work. Nice concept. Good job."

Shweta Dedhia

"Excellent work. Extraordinarily neat and clean."

Girish H. Dedhia

"Excellent. Good work. Color combination is awesome. Keep it up!"

Minal B. Dharod

"Beautiful work and smart use of household things. Never knew such things can be made with an ease."

Priyank Rathod

"Excellent and an exhibition of hard work + perfect color combination."

Nutan Singhvi

"Excellent and color combination is very nice. Keep it up. Good Luck!"

Madhu Sangoi

"Its excellent illustrations of creativity. Keep it up."

Dhruvi Haria

"A very good piece of ART! Good job! Keep it up!"

Rushabh Chheda

"Different and very good ideas and color combinations."

Milind Patel

"Nice concepts. All varieties of arts have been included. Enjoyed watching the same. Good Work... Have a great success in everything you do!"

Gaurav Dedhia

"Exclusive and Unique art work. Very hard work done."

Pooja C Vasa

"Its awesome. Nice collection with creation."

Bhakti Shah

"Great and excellent Art and nice collection of frames."

Ruchit Savla

"Superb! Excellent! Very creative, unique and appealing. All the best!"

Sarita Pandey

"Excellent. Very nice and very innovative work."

Sagar Malbari

"Really very nice work of Art and very innovative."

Ambarish Gosavi